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For over 30 years the Alliance has "raised hope" with a variety of programs, but in a particular way with the young people in the community and around the city.


We currently offer a program called the Tuskegee Spirits, which is a program geared toward leading young people to the skilled trades.  Our program targets young people ages 10 and up, and gives them invaluable tools that they can use for a life time.


The purpose of the program is to introduce young people to what could be a career in carpentry, woodworking, wiring and to teach the basic skills necessary for those careers e.g. measuring, math, use of a band saw, jig saw, drill press, router and introduction to welding. 

In the Spirit of the Tuskegee Airmen, our young people are soaring to new heights.

We also have a youth leadership development in which we host structured activities and help the young people learn how to lead both in small and large group settings, working with them to plan community and other events so that they will not become the leaders of the future but the leaders of community needs now!

Click logo to learn more about the expansion of our youth programs & our capital campaign 

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