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The Detroit Catholic Pastoral understands that homeownership is about much more than a structure.  Homeownership / land control is the way that generational wealth was developed in this country; yet many people of color have been denied access to it.

The DCPA's Homeownership At Your Reach program works to educate and prepare individuals for the possibility of homeownership.

Homeownership at Your Reach seeks to educate in the following ways:


  • Credit 101 (What is it how do we build it and how do we maintain it)

  • Finding the right property for ME

  • The Lending Process (What do I need to apply for a loan, how do I apply for a loan, what is the process)

  • Basic skills of homeownership.  

The Homeownership At Your Reach will also work with families, when the DCPA has a house available to exhaust every possible option to make sure that underserved families, can not only live but thrive in a safe, affordable house, while building a long term commitment to this community and starting a path to build generational wealth.

For more information or to register for our upcoming Home Ownership at Your Reach Training Session, click on the image below.

Link to Flyer

Register for Upcoming Workshop

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