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Through a generous grant from the Thome Ageing Well Grant through Enterprise Community Foundation, we have been able to continue to provide and expand our Senior services, which was amped up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of the Thome Ageing Well Grant we have been able to take food monthly to 147 seniors.  This door to door delivery includes a commodity box provided by Gleaners, along with fresh fruit, produce, milk, juice, cheese meat and eggs.  The food delivery is done in four locations in/near the Gratiot Woods Community: Van Dyke Center, the Gratiot Woods Senior Co-op, and two DCPA-owned buildings located at 8900 Gratiot and 9100 on Gratiot Ave.  We are currently serving 102 for the food program just in Van Dyke Center.  We serve 45 residents at Gratiot Woods.

Beyond, the food program this grant also helped the transportation insecurities that many of the seniors in our program face.  We are able to organize and provide transportation to stores like Walmart or Meijers each month as well as cultural experiences throughout the state.

Articles about the DCPA's participation in the Thome Ageing Well Grant:

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