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A Capital Campaign To Open the

Brighter Detroit Community Center

In Detroit's Gratiot Woods Neighborhood

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The Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance is seeking help to renovate and reopen a shuttered community center in the Gratiot Woods Neighborhood and to transform it in to a safe place of recreation and learning for this intergenerational community.  These funds will be used to transform the building in to an accessible and safe building no matter of one’s age or ability.  For the past 70 years the Brighter Detroit Community Center has served as a beacon of light and hope in the Gratiot Woods community.  It originally opened in 1940 as the Nativity Parish Gym and Activities Center. In 1973, the building became the only urban 4H Club the United States.  Today, a collaboration between the buildings owner and the Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance looks to bring new life and full access for community programs and events to the center.


This renovation will bring about a number of results:

1. It will reclaim a closed building for the community’s use and enhance the condition of the area.

2. It will make the building accessible so that all, no matter their physical condition, can enjoy the space and opportunities in the building.

3. It will allow the community to regain a safe place to grow, develop skills, and interact with one another.


Once renovated the building will expand the Alliance’s current community programs to include:

  • After school Program

  • Community Computer Lab

  • Intergenerational Culinary Program

  • Life skills program

  • Graphic Design

  • Audio and video production

  • Financial Literacy

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