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A Capital Campaign To Open the

Brighter Detroit Community Center

In Detroit's Gratiot Woods Neighborhood

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The Vision


Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance is launching a $2,500,000.00 campaign to continue its 22 year history of Raising Hope in the Gratiot Woods Community. Through a new partnership with the Brighter Detroit Community Center (BDCC), and with the support of community members, we seek to re-open the Brighter Detroit Community Center. The BDCC will offer programs that will empower future generations, while creating a safe haven for the community.


This expansion will allow for continued growth in our youth and community programs.  Which will include:

  • After school Program

  • Intergenerational Culinary Program

  • Life skills program,

  • Graphic Design

  • Audio and video recording

  • Financial Literacy

About the Gratiot Woods Community


The Gratiot Woods Community is a twenty-block area surrounding the DCPA’s offices on the Detroit’s east side. Through a series of planning sessions with community residents, the DCPA Housing Program has developed and implemented a plan to stabilize and strengthen the community through affordable housing development and community development activities. Together, we have expanded community involvement in affordable housing development so that low-income residents can give input on planning, designing, and managing projects. We have also facilitated non-housing community development strategies such as neighborhood beautification, public safety awareness, and neighborhood- based economic development.  


Although Detroit has recently seen in a series significant efforts to revitalize the Downtown area, the areas beyond the city center have not seen the same attention. Many neighborhoods like Gratiot Woods have not received the financial support needed to move them from surviving to thriving. The next step in our revitalization process is to provide an opportunity to make resources more accessible to our most valuable assets: our children, teens and seniors. This is our vision in reopening the Brighter Detroit Community Center.

About the Brighter Detroit Community Center


The Brighter Detroit Community Center originally opened in 1940 as the Nativity Parish Activities Center, and has a long history of serving as the center of activity in the Gratiot Woods neighborhood. In 1973, the center gained new life as the only 4H Club in an urban city in the United States. The 4H center quickly became the hub of safety and opportunity for the young people in the community. After 37 years of successful programs, the 4H center began to suffer due to low funding and the declining health of its long-time director. The 4H closed its doors in 2010. The center gained a new name in 2015 and received extensive renovation in 2018 but has been unable to secure critical funding to allow the center to open again, with accessibility being the main challenge.