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The Alliance's Urban Parish Coalition was formed in  2001 to address specific needs of our Alliance parishes to assist them in a number of functions.  The Urban Parish Coalition represents the Alliance's original purpose, to maintain a strong and thriving Catholic presence in the City of Detroit.  With the multitude of church closings and mergers we are looking for committed partners who will commit themselves to survive and thrive as Catholic parishes and ministries in the City of Detroit.

As a coalition we are committed to providing meaningful programs that all of the city parishes can benefit from. We understand, that with the rising cost of so many things in our country, and the decreased numbers of donors, some of the programming that parishes use to offer, just can not be afforded; but through cooperative economics results can be achieved.

What we need is an Urban Office to unify the parishes of the city.

An Office that will help city parishes expand in various areas of ministries,

so that we will reach those who have been unwelcomed in our churches.

As the Church we need to do much more than outreach.

We are the CHURCH!

With Jesus at the center,

we understand our calling as children of God.

This alone should encourage and motivate us

to do more than strive, but survive; because



Urban Parish Coalition Programs

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